Virtual Reality is taking the Imagine BEACH 2030 by storm.

Virtual Reality is taking the Imagine BEACH 2030 by storm. Ideas range from study abroad solutions to in-headset faculty advising sessions. The community at CSULB is keenly aware of the benefits (and distractions) of having more Virtual Reality enabled learning & campus experiences.

Mahmoud Albawaneh posits that emerging tech, including virtual reality, could help CSULB become a more ubiquitous presence for learners around the world.

Positive Imagination: Mahmoud Albawaneh "What excites me is the rapid revolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and emerging new technologies that makes the planet as one little village. This means the CSULB can be a global higher education institution with ubiquitous presence."

Will experience in cross-cultural virtual collaboration be a plus for future employers as Yul Chen suggests?

Super Interesting, REPLY: Yul Chen "Boost in employer demand for people who are badged in cross-cultural virtual collaboration - alumni come back for the experience! #VR #FutureofWork #Alumni"

And to reach #InclusiveExcellence, should we be providing a virtual campus for disabled students and teachers?

Positive Imagination: Isabel "By 2030 Disabled students will be able to make use of a virtual campus that allows them to be involved not just in class time, but in all the activities CSULB provides."

Or will virtual classrooms become a shadow future resulting in less community and more isolation?

Shadow Imagination: Yareli Vargas "Relying too strongly on technology can have negative effects on both students and faculty. The relationships might be more virtual and distant that they are now."

However you feel about the role of Virtual Reality in higher education, the CSULB University Library is currently developing a VR Lab so weigh in now and get your imagination out there!

REPLY: CSULB University Library "The Library is in the development stages of our new VR lab! #imaginelibspace"