Thinking about technology’s role in Beach 2030

Less than two hours into Beach 2030, and one early theme we’re seeing is a lot of diverse speculation on how CSULB will adapt to emerging technological trends.

Ranje Torres and Bo Roe imagine a future where virtual assistants play a larger role in supporting students and faculty. Services like do this today by helping people understand how to connect with new contacts and their diverse communication styles.

Positive Imagination card by player Ranjie Torres that says "I'm seeing virtual assistants as a norm in every room on campus"

Reply: Bo Roe "Imagine a world where virtual assistance merge with virtual learning--assistance provide not only daily task assistance, but are fundamental partners in learning. Virtual TA... virtual adjunct professor..."

Elena Jiminez kicked off a much-debated thread about whether there’s already too much technology in our lives, and if we shouldn’t start planning technology detox weeks to give people a break from all the devices in their lives. Her post features several signals of these kinds of detoxes being experimented with in other venues. Signals from the real world are a great way to bolster your argument and enrich the conversation.

Positive Imagination: Elena Jimenez "Concerned about technology getting in the way of how students community? Let's have a tech-free week, focus on our person to person communication. #TechnologyCampus" Add a signal, plus 5 points.,,,

REPLY: Dr. JD "I love this idea! I think we also cannot deny the students of 2030 will have the expectation to be engaged in learning with technology. I'd love to see us focus on how we can humanize education with technology #OnlineCSULB"

Eliza Easdale contributed an even more nuanced perspective to the debate on technology, wondering how we will regulate emerging technologies with no historic precedent.

Shadow Imagination: Eliza Easdale "New Technologies will come out faster than the legal system may be able to handle, which could lead to unchecked abuses of them in the future."

How do we “humanize” technology, and what role can CSULB play in shaping this future between now and 2030? Let’s dive even deeper into this as Beach 2030 continues.