(Literally) powering the future of CSULB

While there has been lots of great discussion about some of the technology infrastructure needed to build the future of The Beach, we can’t overlook the importance of the energy infrastructure that would be required to power those futures.

As we can tell from many, many player comments, we need more places to charge electronic devices, even today. In 2030, these could be distributed throughout shared green spaces, like D Guilbeau suggests, or embedded into new furniture and spaces. As Incognito points out, if we want to #LearnEverywhere, we must also be able to #ChargeEverywhere!

Yes, Somone, I imagine we have small computer centers all over the campus so students don't have to go across the campus to use them. we could also have charging stations all over the campus. what if we put stations by all the trees with a round ledge to hold devices?There will be charging stations for electronic devices everywhere, it will be second nature in all furniture and spaces #LearnEverywhere

And in 2030, charging goes beyond today’s standard power grid to include Hydrogen Fueling and much more solar.

As one of the largest commuter schools in CA I would love to see a lot more green infrastructure on campus. While charging stations are nice, I hope to see Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure like UC Irvine or Cal State LA. Hydrogen fueling puts less stress on our electrical grid.

Building on today’s EV charging stations on campus, players would like to see a 2030 campus that supports (hopefully solar-powered) charging for electric vehicles of all kinds: cars, motorcycles, bikes, and golf carts (and skateboards!).

I would like to see Electric motorcycles and bicycles on campus and infrastructure to support charging these vehicles.Just asked a student delivering mail what would make the campus better. He said solar powered golf carts so students can carry all their stuff and get to class. Interesting to consider when promoting use of public transportation.