How to Play

The Foresight Engine is a collaborative conversation platform. It’s a place to share your ideas about what you hope will be possible in the future, as well as what worries you when you think about the future.

When you share a hope for the future, we call this using your “Positive Imagination.”

When you share a concern or worry for the future, we call this using your “Shadow Imagination.”

We encourage you to jump into conversation with others. You can connect and collaborate in lots of ways:

  • EXPLORE other people’s ideas. Check out the bubble graph or the feeds, or use the search engine to find future possibilities that grab your attention.
  • REACT to ideas. Click the “emoji” face the best represents how you feel about it.
  • REPLY to their ideas. Ask a follow-up question, or share why you find it exciting or concerning, or take it a step further. If that happens in the future, what else might happen?
  • ADD A SIGNAL to ideas. A signal is a link to an online story, video, blog or website that is an example of something that is already happening today that connects to this idea.

That’s all you need to know to get started! There are pop-up tips that will show you some in’s and out’s as you go. But if you can’t wait to know even more, here are some key things to keep in mind… good luck, and have fun making the future!

Everything you do on the Foresight Engine helps you level-up your futures thinking skills. And every action you take will earn you points.

Here are the things you can do to earn points:

  • Play a positive imagination card  +15 points
  • Play a shadow imagination card +15 points
  • Play a reply card to your own card +1 points
  • Play a reply card to someone else +15 points
  • Add a signal to any card (including your own) +5 points
  • React to any card (including your own) +1 points
  • Your card is marked super-interesting by platform guides and leaders +500 points
  • Your card is a challenge winner +1000 points
  • You are awarded an achievement +1000 points

As you earn points, you’ll level up.

You start the event with “Bright Foresight” and can work your way up to “Distinguished Foresight”, “Brilliant Foresight”, and even “Legendary Foresight.” There are 17 different levels you can achieve… good luck!

The Foresight Engine is a CONVERSATION platform… so you also earn points when you inspire other people to reply and react to your ideas!

Here are the things other people do that earn you points:

  • Someone replies to your card +50 points
  • Someone reacts to your card +5 points
  • Your card gets 10 reactions +100 points
  • Your card gets 50 reactions +500 points
  • My card gets 100 reactions + 1000 points

And the Foresight Engine is a COLLABORATION platform… so you earn even more points by doing things together.

  • Participate in a Big Build
    (5 different people play cards in the same conversation – everyone gets the bonus) + 100 points
  • Participate in a Mega Build
    (10 different people play cards in the same conversation – everyone gets the bonus) + 500 points
  • Participate in an Extreme Build
    (20 different people play cards in the same conversation – everyone gets the bonus) +1000 points
  • Participate in a Legendary Build
    (50 different people play cards in the same conversation – everyone gets the bonus) +5000 points


It’s easier to find other people to talk about the topics and ideas you care about most if you use #hashtags in your cards, like #EndPoverty, #FutureOfFood, #EngagedAlumni, #blockchain, #ClimateChange, or #athletics. Anyone can create their own hashtag.

Use the search bar to search the foresight engine for cards that include a hashtag you’re interested in. Others will find your ideas the same way.

We will periodically recommend some hashtags to you on topics we think you’ll be interested in talking about. You can use these hashtags or invent your own. If lots of people join with you in using the same hashtag, it will start trending — making it even easier for others to join your conversation!


Challenges are a way to focus everyone’s attention on an important topic or issue. Many challenges will be open throughout the event, but only one challenge is “live” at a time. This makes it easier to collaborate, because everyone is thinking about the same topic at the same time.

The current “live” challenge will be displayed at the top of the dashboard. The notification feed will announce whenever a challenge opens or closes. You can always check the challenge page to see what challenges are coming up, or to look at previous challenge winners.

Challenge winners will be announced throughout the live challenge and continuing after. If you have played a card that is chosen as a challenge winner, you’ll receive a pop-up notification and a trophy in your profile!


These are special kudos to people who are making a big contribution to the conversation. They are awarded throughout the event. If you receive an achievement, you’ll get a pop-up notification and you’ll see it in your profile!

Here are the achievements you can earn. Go for one, two, three or all of them!

HOPE for the Future Achievement BadgeHope for the Future

Your positive imagination has inspired the entire community today. Your ideas give us hope for the future!

*Given to people with VERY interesting positive imagination card(s)

Eyes Wide Open Achievement BadgeEyes Wide Open

Your shadow imagination has helped the entire community see more clearly the biggest problems and challenges we might face in the future. Thank you for making sure our eyes are wide open!

*Given to people with VERY interesting shadow imagination card(s)

Master Storyteller Achievement BadgeMaster Storyteller

You don’t just think about the future. You imagine it in vivid detail, tell a great story, and take us all on an epic journey.

*Given to people who use multiple builds to tell a longer story about the future

FRIEND of the Future Achievement BadgeFriend of the Future

You are one of the most powerful voices of support in this community. You shine a light on the futures that other players create and help everyone’s future be seen. Thank you!

*Given to people who play a LOT of follow-up cards

ACTION ALL-STAR FRIEND of the Future Achievement BadgeAction All-Star

You have a plan for the future. You come up with practical, inspiring steps anyone could take to make their best-case scenario futures more likely – and their worst-case scenarios less likely.

*Given to people posting lots of signals

SHERLOCK HOLMES ACTION ALL-STAR FRIEND of the Future Achievement BadgeSherlock Holmes

You are an extraordinary investigator. You ask questions about other people’s futures and help us all understand them better!

*Given to people who ask important questions in their replies

INNOVATION Achievement BadgeInnovation Award

You did something amazing with the Foresight Engine that we’ve never seen before. You came up with a new way to play with the future! Well done. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

*Given to people who come up with a new way to play! what will it be? who knows but we can’t wait to find out!

LEADERS MAKE THE FUTURE Achievement BadgeLeaders Make the Future

You led an important team effort on the Foresight Engine today. You rallied a team to imagine one future from every angle possible. You brought attention to an important topic. Well played!

*Given to people who are very active in a team hashtag or challenge, can be given to multiple leaders in a hashtag

COMEDY Achievement BadgeComedy Award

You remind us that the future can sometimes be silly, ridiculous, or absurd. It’s important to not always take the future so seriously!

*Given to people who have created entertaining/humorous futures that add to the fun of the game (without mocking or making light of anyone’s futures!)

Well, I Never! Achievement BadgeWell, I Never!!!

We are pretty sure that today you imagined something that no one has ever imagined before. Thank you for taking the future in such a surprising, intriguing, unexpected direction.

*Given to people who have played at least one incredibly original idea, worthy of becoming an artifact of the future or having an entire scenario developed around it!

You’re all set – time to make the future!

Now you’re 100% ready to level up, win challenges, earn achievements and build your futures thinking skills. You’ll no doubt discover a few other surprises along the way. Most of all, don’t forget to stretch your imagination, collaborate with others, and have fun!