Future of climate action at the Beach

We kicked the game off with a Sustainability Challenge: 

What is the campus’ role in creating a sustainable world? From clean air and water to sustainable food systems and sustainable energy to climate change mitigation – there will be endless ways to innovate and impact the long-term health of our planet. What role could your discipline play in these efforts? What campus initiatives could have the most positive impact? What should students learn at CSULB to be in the best position to help create a more sustainable world? If there were no barriers, what should be CSULB’s goals for sustainability by 2030? #LB4Sustainability

Soooo many great responses came in (search for the #LB4Sustainability hashtag), imagining how in 2030 we’ll be eating differently (think meat grown in campus labs!), getting to campus differently (bike-shares and scooters) – even re-organizing administrative life around digital rather than paper-based bureaucracy).  

Perhaps most importantly, players like Faculty Doe see that it’s time to embed climate literacy in everything we do…today…so that by 2030 we have the leadership we need to drive climate action:

In 2030, climate change science and climate literacy are infused throughout the university curriculum. Students #learnbydoing to become experts and leaders in climate adaptation and resilience.

In 2030, many players like Kristy Nguyen note, surely sustainability will be a required GE course. And there’s no reason The Beach couldn’t be a leader in climate adaptation by 2030, writes Sneha Jaishankar:

Positive Imagination: Sneha Jaishankar "I can envision CSULB to be a breeding ground for young scientists, policy makers and economists on a path to being carbon neutral by 2030 #LB4Sustainability"

As Martha points out, this change can’t come from students alone. Faculty can’t wait for young people to raise the alarm; they will have to set the tone.

Students learn from example. Faculty and Staff have a major role as role models to set the stage on what should be accomplished for sustainability.

However…if climate action isn’t stepped up soon, many people, like Mahesh Dixit, are linking what’s happening today to a much darker, smokier, and uncertain future for students at The Beach:

Climate change-induced wildfires force many of our students to drop out due to lack of funds and housing. #climatechange @campushousing