For just two days, from November 14–15, 2018, thousands of players from across the CSULB community will join together for an online conversation to challenge their understanding of the university, higher education, work, and learning, and imagine new possibilities for the future.

Imagine BEACH 2030 is your chance to add your voice and shape the future of CSULB. Get ready to
think and imagine bigger than you’ve ever imagined before. We imagine the future to find out what’s possible, and we can’t wait to see what YOU think might be possible.

In as little as thirty minutes, you can make your voice heard by taking part in an online conversation about CSULB’s challenges and opportunities in the next decade. Go online to contribute short, tweet-length ideas about the future of the Beach and attend one of the many on-campus events to hang out with others who are doing the same. Over the course of the two days you can compete to win points, achieve awards, tackle grand challenges, and partner with your peers and the CSULB community to shape the future.

Imagine BEACH 2030 is one step in the larger two-year BEACH 2030 effort to envision a thriving
future for the Beach and the surrounding community. The results will be synthesized and processed over
the course of 2019 and will result in the BEACH 2030 map and vision, that will guide the institution through the next decade and beyond.