2030: changing climate has changed The Beach

It’s a Shadow future to think about, but by 2030, CSULB could be living in a world of extreme climate volatility. The fires of 2018 have brought this new reality home. Let’s hope they push us toward the tipping point for doing things differently starting in 2019.  Countless player are highlighting the issue:

Shadow Imagination - Daniel - "Extreme climate change"Paula Kiley - great foresight - "I'm concerned that rising sea levels will affect how the city of long beach will look like and in turn the univeristy."Adam - Distinguished foresight - "Overpopulation. Global climate change, including hotter overall temperatures and bigger storms."

Living with climate change can seem like a dreary future. Mahesh Dixit paints a vivid picture of 2030 in which wildfires force students to drop out.

Mahesh Dixit - Awesome Foresight - "Climate change-induced wildfires force many of our students to drop out due to lack of funds and housing. #climatechange #campushousing."

Already wildfire smoke across California is making it harder for people to get around or spend time outside. CSULB must think about how to operate day-to-day in a world where some students simply might not be able to get to campus, or sustain themselves while enrolled.

Living with climate change won’t just make it harder to be outside and get around. This super-interesting card from Elena Jimenez raises the issue that living with climate change will also increase mental health stress:

Elena Jimenez - Amazing Foresight - "In 2030 LBSU & our region faces a mental health crisis due to climate crises, displacement, and an unstable employment landscape."

What will it mean to operate a university set in a volatile and unpredictable climate?

In 2030, player Nguyentnolan hopes, we’ll have “solidarity in the movement towards adapting institutions and lifestyles towards climate change.” What adaptations will CSULB will have made? Who do we need to start creating solidarity with, today?

Ngyuentnolan - great foresight - "Solidarity in the movement towards adapting institutions and lifestyles towards climate change."

A new interdisciplinary major – Climate Change Science and Solutions – could form the basis of solidarity, suggests Holli:

Holli - awesome foresight - "I propose a new interdisciplary major: climate change science and solutions. It could be co-housed in CNSM, COE, and CLA and deal with the science, technology solutions and social issues associated with climate change. #LB4Sustainability"

Such a major would position CSULB as a learning hub for future climate action leaders, attracting research and interest to a region bound to be affected.

The Beach could make radical changes to its transportation subsidies and systems, as Ashley Anderson points out:

Ashley Anderson - Sharp Foresight - "Fighting climate change through more available transportation - free Metro passes for CSULB students and faculty"

We could challenge ourselves and all the other public universities in a race to be the first to run off of 100% renewable energy. Eddie Rangel - "With climate change being a huge topic at hand, CSULB should start a race with all the other public universities to become the first university to run of 100% renewable energy"

We have a choice. We can avoid the Shadow future where a media campaign in 2030 blames LBSU for not preparing its students for the changing reality of climate change, and instead, be the subjects of a Positive media campaign that praises the university’s prescient efforts, starting in 2019.

Reply - Evelyn Warwinth - "Here's an alternative future: Media campaign highlights efforts by the university to prepare student for climate change, dating back to 2019! #climatechange"

CSULB could make itself known as an institution that teaches climate change resilience, designs and engineers solutions, and exemplifies living with climate change through its course offerings, its research, and its infrastructure. We’re already beginning. Martin Herman reminds us that there’s precedent for CSULB coming up with new solutions:

Martin Herman - Great Foresight - "See Climathon! we participated this and last year. #Beach2030Design Lots of great ideas came out of these relating to campus emissions, housing."